Magazine: “Colours to Die For” Zen Magazine May 2014 Issue

My clothing brand Nikki Billie Jean has been featured in the “Colours To Die For” editorial in the May 2014 Issue of Zen Magazine. I am so excited. I honestly did not know I was going to be featured in this month’s issue of Zen Magazine.

 Magazine-“Colours to Die For%22 Zen Magazine May 2014 Issue 1
I shipped my accessories to celebrity wardrobe stylist Daphne Oosthuizen also known as AFCakeStyle in the Netherlands. She told me she was interested in using my accessories for a photoshoot, but I was never told the details of the photoshoot. I did not even bother to ask. Daphne’s work is amazing, so I know her work would exude nothing but awesomeness.
Magazine-“Colours to Die For%22 Zen Magazine May 2014 Issue 2
Last night, I was scrolling on my Instagram feed and I saw a jumbo kente bowtie. Thereafter, I saw my name on the bottom left hand corner and went crazy. I am a huge fan of Zen Magazine, so to be featured was the utmost ultimate experience.
 Magazine-“Colours to Die For%22 Zen Magazine May 2014 Issue 3
The name of the fashion editorial is called “AKACHI”-“THE HAND OF GOD”. The fashion editorial is all about making a style statement-being big, bold and bright.
Magazine-“Colours to Die For%22 Zen Magazine May 2014 Issue 4
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Nikki Billie Jean

Nikki Billie Jean is the founder, editor-in-chief, and event producer of All Things Ankara. She is also a fashion designer and wardrobe stylist. View more of her work at:

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