Ankara Street Style / A.S.S of The Day: Celeste Gregory of 4 Selective Styles

Our Ankara Street Style / A.S.S of The Day is Celeste Gregory
She is a student and fashion stylist living in the DC Metropolitian Area.
The outfit she is wearing in the pictures above is the dress she wore to her prom in 2013.
She says,
  ” I wanted to wear an African Print Dress to my prom because 
I wanted to stand out while also showing my African heritage.”
“I knew that no one else would have this dress because it was custom made and 
my style is influenced by anything that will allow me to be different and stand out from the crowd.” 
“Thank you for considering to post my Ankara Street Style.”

You are welcome Celeste!
Check Out More Pics and info on Celeste Below:

Follow Celeste on Instagram (HERE) 
Check out her website 

Nikki Billie Jean, Editor-In-Chief

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