What to Wear/Men’s Winter Accessories: Ankara Scarf, Muffler Style

Hey Fellas!
Want to try something new with your accessories this winter?
Ditch your regular winter scarf for a Muffler Styled Ankara Scarf
Now, Ankara Fabric is thinner compared to the material of your regular scarf ,
so to keep warm:
-double up on ankara fabric

-wear your regular scarf under

-do both options above

-do it for a special occasion

 (ie. date night, birthday celebration, etc.)
Unfortunately I do not know the source OF the person in the photo,
the scarf, or the photographer
(I know triple wammy) =(
I saw the photo on African Prints in Fashion FB Page Below:


but if you know, let us know, and then we will all know!

Check out the video below on 10 ways to tie a scarf:


Nikki Billie Jean, Editor-In-Chief

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