It’s Just Business!
On any given Sunday when most people are at church or even resting after church,
a couple of people were painting the Washington, D.C. streets with Ankara and Kente Print Fashion!
Hey Tobs Photography captured the artwork
while the duo Team Yaga and Elaine Afrika modeled 
like there was no tomorrow!
Check out the rest of the pictures below:

Photographer: Hey Tobs Photography
Shirts: Lavie by Claude Kameni
Pants: Nikki Billie Jean
Models: Team Yaga & Elaine Afrika

Nikki Billie Jean, Editor-In-Chief

Lookbook: Stella Jean's Spring/Summer 2015 Men's Beachwear Collection
Ankara Photo of the Day: Emmanuela "Afewdarkwomen" Flomo
Nikki Billie Jean


Nikki Billie Jean is the founder and editor-in-chief of All Things Ankara. She is also a fashion designer, fashion stylist, fashion director, campaign producer and event producer. View more of her work at:

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