Gowns: Joanna Arku

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Now this is how you dress up to a ball!!

I love Joanna Arku’s Gowns!!

Joanna wore these beautiful and luxurious gowns
to the Sierra Leone Independence Ball.

The event is ran by The GWB Commission
You can check out more info on the ball (HERE)

The have the ball annually in the D.C. Area but

Unfortunately they are not having one this year =(

I can not wait to see what she will wear to next year’s ball.

Check out more info and photos of Joanna below:

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Nikki Billie Jean, Editor-In-Chief

3 thoughts on “Gowns: Joanna Arku

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  2. Nay says:

    Hello I’m trying to purchase the green and gold mermaid dress for my wedding but I have no idea where to go #helpplease #theperfectweddingdress4me

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