Headwraps: Nike Davies-Okundaye Flawless Signature Gele via Ayiba Magazine

“You don’t have to wake up flawless, but be ready to get flawless.” – Ayiba Magazine

Blown away by the grandness of Chief Nike’s Gele

Chief Nike Davies-Okundaye aka Mummy Nike 
(*pronounced Knee-Kay)
is the C.E.O. of Nike’s Art Gallery,
West Africa’s Largest Privately Owned Gallery Space

According to Ayiba Magazine,
Mummy Nike wears her geles everywhere, even when she travels around the world.

She says,
” I would wear my gele on the streets of London, though I had to take it off when getting into the black cabs, but I would put it back on when I got where I was going. “

You definitely have to read the entire article!

Check out more info on the 
“7 Lessons in the Art of African Fashion from Chief Nike Okundaye”
by Ayiba Magazine below:

Full Article and Photos Via Ayiba Magazine  (HERE)
Photographer: Mohini Ufeli

Nikki Billie Jean, Editor-In-Chief

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