It is my great honor and pleasure to introduce “Nigerian Renaissance” All Things Ankara Ball 2015 campaign featuring Jessica Chibueze & Jidenna.


All Things Ankara Ball is a formal social event in which the guest attend in luxurious, classy, elegant & couture Ankara Print Attire.


It is the official Nigeria Independence Ball and will include electrifying music, exciting entertainment, and an award ceremony to honor a Nigerian Renaissance man and woman excelling in the Nigerian and African community at large.


“Come Dry. Leave Wet.” is the official slogan for All Things Ankara Ball.


“Come Dry. Leave Wet.” , a phrase derived from Fear & Fancy (a social club co-founded by Jidenna),means going to a party dressed to the nines “to perfection in the most fashionable attire” (Come Dry) but having a good time, dancing and sweating out your clothing (Leave Wet).


Jidenna explains the meaning of this phrase in his interview with Janelle Monáe at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1  .We want All Things Ankara Ball attendees to let loose and have fun; whilst exhibiting luxurious Ankara Print inspired gowns & suits.


The theme for All Things Ankara Ball 2015 is: “Nigerian Renaissance”.


Nigerian Renaissance:  |Ni-ge-rian Re-nais-sance |[\nī-ˈjir-ē-ən\ – re-nə-ˈsän(t)s]| -noun  1. The beautiful marriage of French Renaissance and Nigerian-African aesthetics.  2. To display, expose & educate, the public and the world to the rich culture of a Nigerian Renaissance man and woman though illuminating Ankara Print Fashion and vibrant craftsmanship.


All Things Ankara Ball 2015 is the first ever official inaugural All Things Ankara Ball and it will celebrate Nigeria’s 55th independence. The event will take place, Saturday, October 17th, 2015 from 9p-2a at Martin’s Camelot Embassy Ballroom in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.


All Things Ankara Ball 2015 Ambassadors are : Madam Jessica Chibueze, a Nigerian-American Model & International Philanthropist and Chief Jidenna, a Nigerian-American Recording Artist & Producer. Jessica and Jidenna will be honored as Nigerian Renaissance Ambassadors at All Things Ankara Ball 2015 .


We are pleased to formally invite everyone to All Things Ankara Ball 2015!


Dress Code: Formal Ankara Print Attire




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See the All Things Ankara Ball 2015 film on Vimeo here.



All Things Ankara 2015 Ambassadors: Jessica Chibueze & Jidenna

Founder, Event Producer, Costume Designer & Wardrobe Stylist: Nikki Billie Jean, All Things Ankara

Creative Director & Co-Event Producer: Troy Massa, Leone Consulting & Maketing Group (Leone CMG)

Photographer: Patrick Amara, Parallel Magazine

Parallel Magazine Team: Toyin Akindele, Donna Abrahamson, Benjamin Joseph, Tracy Cohen, Gabrielle Aka & Brandon Wright

Videographer: Isaiah Headen, Paul B. Jones, Brandon Sorensen & Mark WIlkens , Les Joueurs Photography

Flower Bearers: Adliad Kwawu (Elaine Afrika) & Edna Conteh (Edna Gazell)

Guards: Arnold Philip (Team Yaga) & Giovanni Ferrer (GioFilipinoHair)

Dancers: University of Maryland Afrochique Dance Team

(Augustine Manga, Nkem Nwogbo, Isioma Obima & Yolanda Peprah)

Hair Stylist: Sheri Jhon Salon, Sheri Johnson (Jessica’s Hair)

Make-Up Artist: FlappJack, Aisha Sulaiman

Designers: Glad Fabrix, Nikki Billie Jean, OhemaaCloset, Madam Kateri Jewelry & Timmy Ajulo

Jidenna’s Wardrobe:

           Jacket & Pants: Timmy Ajulo, Timilehin Ajulo

Epaulettes & Aiguillette, Sash & Belt: Nikki Billie Jean, Nicolette Orji

Jessica’s Wardrobe: 

Gown: OhemaaCloset, Sarah Mensah

Earrings: Madam Kateri Jewelry, Eleanor Tannis

Flower Bearer’s Wardrobe Fabric: African Eleganza

Guard’s Wardrobe

     Fabric: African Eleganza

Neckpieces: Unique by Reelia, Dede Reelia Kouevi

Pants: Nikki Billie Jean & OhemaaCloset

Dancer’s Wardrobe

  Gladis, Glad Fabrix


“Suite II Overture” by Janelle Monáe & “Gallardo” by Runtown ft. Davido

Special Thanks:

Whippa Wiley, Fear & Fancy, Wondaland & Miss Ronnie (Nikki’s Mom)

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Hair Show: The 3rd Annual Naturalista Hair Show 2015
Award Show: Michelle Williams in a Melange Mode 2 Piece African Print Crop Top and Pencil Skirt at the 2015 Neighborhood Awards
Nikki Billie Jean


Nikki Billie Jean is the founder and editor-in-chief of All Things Ankara. She is also a fashion designer, fashion stylist, fashion director, campaign producer and event producer. View more of her work at:

  1. This is so exciting to see a true renaissance man and woman in 2015. We so need this in the US. We welcome Jidenna, his music, his style and his influence! Bravo!

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