Interview: Queen of Kedu TV Chats With Jidenna at All Things Ankara Ball 2015 Campaign Production

Queen of Kedu TV chats with Jidenna at the All Things Ankara Ball 2015 campaign production

For more info on Kedu TV check out Kedu.Tv

Ball: "Nigerian Excellence" All Things Ankara Ball 2015
Interview: Raro Lae Talks with Jidenna About Collaboration with All Things Ankara Ball, Wizkid & more
Nikki Billie Jean

Nikki Billie Jean is the founder, editor-in-chief, and event producer of All Things Ankara. She is also a fashion designer and wardrobe stylist. View more of her work at:

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  1. I must say I was completely stoked when I read Jidenna’s interview and found out that he collaborated with All things Ankara to do the Afro French Renaissance photo shoot knowing how much I creep around on this blog, wishing I lived in the DMV so I could participate in all the stunning events you organize. .. #talent #keepgrowing

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