Ankara Street Style of The Day: Nichelle B in All Things Ankara Store Fabric

Hey Ankaranistas!

Today’s Ankara Street Style of The Day is Nichelle B.

Nichelle B 1

Her outfit was inspired by black history month and the dashiki. The outfit was inspired by midgetGiraffe , Grass Fields and dashikipride .

Nichelle B 2

Did I mention she made her outfit?

On her blog she says, “This fabric is from (@allthingsankara on Instagram) and I love it! It was affordable, quality is great, and it came in a timely manner! I know I’ll be ordering from them again. If you do sew and want to make your own outfit there is your fabric source!”


Nichelle B 3

Nichelle is wearing Dark Blue Dashiki Wax Block Prints by Phoenix Hitarget from the All Things Ankara Store

Nichelle B 4

Thank You for purchasing from us Nichelle.

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