Commercial: Nikki Billie Jean Spotted in “However You Want It” BET Soul Commercial

My clothing line, Nikki Billie Jean, was spotted in BET Soul’s “However You Want It” commercial.

BET Soul Commercial -However You Want It-

The footage in the commercial is from Jidenna’s “Knickers” music video. They happened to pick a scene where the main dancers are wearing my clothing!

Nikki Billie Jean Jidenna's Knickers Music Video 1

It sure is nice seeing your work on tv, especially BET.

Nikki Billie Jean Jidenna's Knickers Music Video 2

Watch the commercial below via Facebook:

However you want it … We Got You!#BETSoul (Check Your Guide)

Posted by BETSoul on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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Nikki Billie Jean

Nikki Billie Jean is the founder, editor-in-chief, and event producer of All Things Ankara. She is also a fashion designer and wardrobe stylist. View more of her work at:

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