Prom: Makalaya Zanders & Charles Jackson

Happy Monday Ankaranistas! Prom season is underway and I am seeing many ankara print looks this year. Definitely more than last year. (yay!) I totally wish I could go to prom again.

Prom-Makalaya Zanders & Charles Jackson 1

On Friday, May 13th, Makalaya Zanders & Charles Jackson attended Garfield Heights High School’s prom at Cleveland Browns’ Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio.

Prom-Makalaya Zanders & Charles Jackson 2

Makalaya’s gown has gone viral, officially breaking the internet.

Prom-Makalaya Zanders & Charles Jackson 3

Her gown and her prom date’s suit was inspired by Jessica Chibueze’s gown and Jidenna’s suit for All Things Ankara Ball 2015.


Prom-Makalaya Zanders & Charles Jackson 4

She is wearing a royal blue java ankara print gown with a front slit mermaid bottom. The statement piece is the removable futuristic waist belt.

So chic.

Prom-Makalaya Zanders & Charles Jackson 5

Her gown was designed by Cleveland fashion designer, DeAndre’ Crenshaw of IndelibleDC. Makalaya’s gown so far is my favorite prom gown this year.

Prom-Makalaya Zanders & Charles Jackson 6

On Instagram Makalaya said, “The dress came after seeing the beautiful @jessnnecee wearing one similar to a ball (All Things Ankara Ball). After discussing how beautiful it was and that I would do a african theme with a (Caucasian) teacher I was told it wasn’t really “something you wear to prom/tacky for prom”. Hellbent on proving them wrong and being someone who loves our culture and African glamorous style , me and @indelible_dc decided to take the Ankara dress and put a twist on it. Little did I know it came out more beautiful, then I could’ve ever imagine!! My dress was to make a point. That African style is beautiful. That I am comfortable with my Melanin and roots. And finally that there’s nothing like Black girl Magic❤️”

Prom-Makalaya Zanders & Charles Jackson 7
If you went to prom wearing ankara print in your gown, suit or etc., send you name, high school name, and photos (no collages) to [email protected].

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  3. Estella Bradley says:

    Absolutely love this dress, actually the entire ensemble is utterly amazing. Can I get info on where I could purchase one like it? My daughter would look Lovely in it at her senior prom May 2018.

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