Interview: DOT.COM w/ OWO on Pinned x Stitched

Take a Listen to the sweet sounds of the artist formally known as OWO as she performs a acoustic version if her song “Lose Yourself”. She also takes the time to answer a few questions about her favorite music artists , fashion inspirations and current topics.

Interview-DOT.COM w: OWO on Pinned x Stitched

Pinned x Stitched is a New York City based fashion web series that provides viewers a variety of artistic content; created and written by two emerging stylists Meron Bekele and B Hawk Snipes. Join them on their quest to share their vision with the world. Pinned x Stitched is quite simply; the one web series you should be watching for your monthly dose of humor, fashion trends, up-and-coming designers, visual artists and musicians.

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