Music Video: OSHUN – Stuck

Femme fatale tandem OSHUN lift their heads above the (not just) knee deep pool of modern r&b to introduce a sound that draws less on the melancholy, often gothic tones we associate with future soul, feeling much closer to dawning of a new Daisy Age. Comprising NYU students Niambi Sala and Thandiwe, the duo has taken to heart the soulful, sampladelic and socially aware artistry of OKP champions like Erykah Badu, the mighty Roots crew and Lauryn Hill and synthesized them into a new and true sound that blends the strongest of all of their respective suits in lyricism, composition and melodics.

Music Video-OSHUN – Stuck 2

Nowhere is this more clear than their freshly-pressed clip for the dulcet, Rhodes-soaked and vibe-heavy joint “Stuck”. It finds the duo of supple altos delivering tender and affectionate lines about life, love and culture, revealing the makings of a whole new wave of SoulquariansWell-versed in Yoruba folklore, spirituality and their broad spectrum of musical influences (ranging from Paramore to Drake) these divas are off to a tremendous start.

Witness the mellow sorcery of OSHUN’s inaugural video for “Stuck.”

OSHUN NYC exemplifies the word ‘Sankofa,’ meaning to go back and retrieve. The duo has gone back to their cultural roots with their Afrocentric regalia and is inspiring others to do the same.The end of beautiful practices such as this is a crime against nature, life, and the beauty of cultural diversity in the world. Thandi and Niambi have proudly exalted their roots while firmly evolving in their milieu as torch bearers for this aspect of blackness; they have held on so that their blackness will not be robbed.” – 

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