Merry Christmas from All Things Ankara! (DIY Christmas Tree Decorations)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from All Things Ankara! May your holiday be filled with love, joy and happiness. Thank for the support and stay blessed this holiday season!

Here is a DIY Christmas tree decoration project by Fayah Fayah. Try it with fabric leftovers for Christmas next year.

  • a circle cutter which is very handy because cutting circles with scissors is a real challenge,
  • a hole punching plier,
  • fabric hardener,
  • and ornament hooks.

Cut out circles from the fabric leftovers. If you want to decorate a bigger tree, you can go for bigger circles of course. Make sure to punch a small hole at the top of each circle with a punching plier, because later this is where you want to attach the ornament hook so it can hang in the tree. Soak the circles in the fabric hardener and make sure to get rid of excess hardener. Put them flat on a table and leave them to dry until they’re hard and all the white substance of the hardener is transparent. That process may take a few hours. Once dried, attach the ornament hook into the small hole of the wax “ball” and your tree is ready to be decorated!

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