Tutorial: 7 Ways To Style a Removable Peplum Skirt #LydiaMultifunctionPeplum

Nigerian fashion designer, Omohlawlah, created 7 ways to style a removable peplum skirt. Who knew you could style a removable peplum skirt in so many ways? On Instagram she says. ” The inspiration came from God. He made me think outside the box and I arrived at this idea.” What a brilliant, innovative and original idea. See the different ways to style a peplum skirt below.

The detachable peplum skirt piece.

1. Placed as a cap on the head. Can also be be placed on the head as an umbrella to protect the face from the sun

2.  As a cape neckpiece at the front and back of blouse.

3. As a flare at one shoulder and waist.

4. Full flare at both shoulders.

5. Double peplum at blouse waist.

6. Placed as flare around the hip and knee.

7. Placed as flare on skirt at the kneet.

Watch the compilation video of all the styles.

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