Editorial: “Contemporary Designs With An African Flair” by Batik Boutique

BATIK BOUTIK is a new creative project by Maya Amoah. It is a brand that aims to showcase the incredible talent of artisans from Africa through fashion, accessories and decor.

BATIK BOUTIK is a socially responsible line that provides you with clothing and accessories, inspired by the bold and vibrant

designs that are unique to the eclectic culture of West Africa.

Through sustainable practices, BATIK BOUTIK celebrates Africa using designs that are made in Ghana, West Africa. A line for both males and females, contemporary design meets traditional African flair to create a collection of individualistic pieces like no other;

After all, BATIK BOUTIK embraces the philosophy of expressing your self as alternative, independent and an individual in a world of social norms.

BATIK BOUTIK seeks to change narratives and emphasizes value on the continent by working closely with artisans to create an ecosystem of global fashion that appeals to the West.

With ethical trading and sustainability at our core, we just see fair trade as a given in the world of commerce and dream of the day that ethical fashion is just a norm.

Photographer: Diane Tammi

Creative Director + Fashion Stylist: Joanna Aswani

More info on BATIK BOUTIK at batikboutik.com

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