Dancing into the weekend like… watch the Petit Afro dancers get down. Get into the full video below:

Choreo By @petitafro Dancers @angel.afrodance @laura.afro@jeane_dance || @petitafrogang || Beat By @djbboydatiamariaproducoes Video By @hrnentertainment || #petitafrochallenge.


1 Winner🥇 €200
2 Winner🥈 €150
3 Winner🥉 €100
*Learn The Whole Dance
*Post It On Your Instagram Page
*Tag @petitafro And Put #petitafrogang *I will Repost It On My Instagram *Good Luck #TimeToGiveBack 🇫🇷 #petitafrochallenge 
1 Winner🥇 €200
2 Winner🥈 €150
3 Winner🥉 €100

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Nikki Billie Jean: My 27th Birthday Shoot Inspired by Illustrator Peniel Enchill
Nikki Billie Jean


Nikki Billie Jean is the founder and editor-in-chief of All Things Ankara. She is also a fashion designer, fashion stylist, fashion director, campaign producer and event producer. View more of her work at: www.nikkibilliejean.com

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