Nikki Billie Jean: Glow Boss Suit for Dunnie The Artist Launch Presented by Omolewa Cosmetics

Hey guys! Last Sunday, February 17th, I attended the Dunnie The Artist Launch Presented by Omolewa Cosmetics. I had an amazing time at the event, like I did at Dunnie’s and Joon Africa’s Afro Beauty Brunch (here).

For the event, I decided to wear a suit from the Nikki Billie Jean brand. Looks familiar? It’s the same suit Glow Princess wore in the All Things Ankara Pop Up 2018 campaign here. Shop the suit here.

My hair is by yours truly. I was originally suppose to do a long braided side ponytail but I was late for my hair appointment. Agnes from Aggie Hair blew our my hair and helped me do the braid for the side ponytail. When I got home, the side ponytail wasn’t working, so I did my signature bun and used the braided piece as the base for my bun. I added some of Agnes’s gold accessories and bam! my hair was complete.

I needed some new gold accessories, so I made a quick last minute trip to Target to get my earrings and necklaces. 

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Suit: Nikki Billie Jean Shop (here)

Nails: All Things Ankara Shop (here)

Hair: Nikki Billie Jean, with Assistant from Aggie Hair

Make-Up: Jessica Amaka

Earrings and Necklaces: Target

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