Editorial: Bettinah & Nandy by Photo for Fashion Photography

Dear dark skinned girl, your black is exquisite beauty.

Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are. 

Dear dark skinned girl, love your beautiful natural skin.

Black queen your skin is beautiful. Do not bleach your skin, there is someone somewhere whose greatest wish is to have your skin tone. Beauty, comes in so many different shades. You do not have to be light skinned to stand out, all skin shades are beautiful as long as they are natural. 

Dear dark skinned girl you are beautiful,

Beautiful dark skinned queen never underestimate the beauty of just being you, because being your authentic self is indeed powerful & courageous.



Models @bettinahtianah @glona_nd

Photographer  @photo4fashion

Head Wraps @wrapsug

Accessories @crediblejewels

Make Up Artist @_saidabeauty 

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