Celebrity Style: Melyssa Ford in MidgetGiraffe for Rolling Out Magazine

@melyssaford in @midget_giraffe for @rollingout, styled by @whoisarianeand @jhonidavis, glam by @deezyexclusive and @hairstylesbyeden

On Instagram Melyssa said, “#tbt A shoot that never came out because the @rollingout editor Munson didn’t think it was worthy of being published 🙄✌🏽he can deny it he wants but the ppl involved know the truth. Bloop! ⁣
The shoot was months after my car accident and was an homage to my African ancestors and the formidable Black women whom we all admire (such as Maya Angelou) ⁣
Special thanks to @dewaynerogers for 📸 and my girls @whoisariane @jhonidavis for styling me; @midget_giraffefor the Bomb ass clothing and @deezyexclusive and @hairstylesbyeden for glam that day. ⁣Today I’m on one and don’t GAF 🤷🏽‍♀️ Some shit doesn’t need to be kept in the dark.

I find it funny that the editor felt this way because African print fashion is trending and on the forefront . How do you feel about this?

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