Editorial: “Jump Ball” by Oshane Howard

The game of basketball brings us all together. The atmosphere, competition, and stories impact our lives in a huge way. ‘Jump Ball’ aims to highlight the blend between basketball and cultures across the African Diaspora.⠀

The Kente cloth is a world-renowned source of pride for many Ghanaians. Kente is typically made from cotton and silk, with various colours and designs that carry significant meanings that reflect traditional Ghanaian values.⠀


Photography: @oshane.howard⠀
Directed/Produced: @josefadamu⠀
Co-Produced: @maliksully + @streetchief + @oshane.howard⠀
Words by @streetchief⠀
Styled by: @streetchief ⠀
Graphic Design: @_ezm⠀
Additional Promo: @nottycuts⠀
Models: @philgyamfi16 + @_jeremyaibi⠀


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