“Shopping Like A Boss” All Things Ankara Pop Up 2018 Campaign

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The All Things Ankara Pop Up 2018 campaign film starts off with a mysterious person, dropping off a All Things Ankara gift box at the front of a woman’s apartment door. The gift box is dropped off at apartment 429 to symbolizes the date of the event, which is on April 29th (4/29/2018).

After bringing the box inside, the woman opens the box on the bed with her dog and finds an invitation to “Shop Like A Boss” at the All Things Ankara Pop Up 2018. After reading the invitation, the woman gets herself ready and goes on a shopping spree with her dog at “All Things Ankara Pop Up 2018”. We later find out that the mysterious person who left the gift box at her front door, was the cashier at the pop up. When she arrives home, she indulges in her latest purchases with her dog.



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Producer: All Things Ankara, Nikki Billie Jean
Fashion Director & Fashion Stylist: Nikki Billie Jean
Creative Director: Troy Massa
Clothing Designer: Nikki Billie Jean (Armanda & Toyin ‘s Outfit) (Purchase here)
Ankara Suit Cases & Bags: Nikki Billie Jean & All Things Ankara
Nail Wraps: All Things Ankara (Purchase here)
Model: Armanda Tounghui
Dog: Harvey Bone-a-Part Pet Boutique
Model (Cashier): Toyin Fatola
Project Manager: LushVices, Jasmine Ngegba
Photographer: Othello Banaci
Film Production: Les Joueurs Photography, Isaiah Headen
Behind-The-Scenes Photographer: Reign Noire, Shanell B.
Behind-The-Scenes Videographer: Certified Official, Glen Gordon Jr.
Hair Stylist: Trézor Hair, Crystal LeTrézor
Make-Up Artist: Jackie Cyrille Beauty, Jackie Cyrille
Nail Artist: Lenee Ortiz
“Maradona” by Ninola (Instrumental) (Produced by Sarz)
“If” by DaVido (Instrumental) (Produced by Tekno)
“Lady Don Dada” by Dr SID featuring Don Jazzy (Instrumental) (Produced by Don Jazzy)