Why Sell on the All Things Ankara Marketplace?


Join a worldwide marketplace for ankara print fashion.

#1 go to source for ankara print fashion.

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Focused Audience Experience (Niche)

  • We know our audience and operate within a niche market.
  • With a focused audience, we can better tailor your products to suit a buyers specific needs.
  • Simplifying the buyer’s choices will build trust and loyalty along the path to purchase in our marketplace.


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Optimized Engaging Content (Publication)

  • We create engaging content that will shape our audience’s understanding of your products through a compelling and digestible narrative.
  • We deliver optimized content to create relevant additional value for our audience which will lead directly to building an active consumer base.


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Engaged Following and Active Community (Social Media)

  • We have access to an engaged following which is a key step in building initial traction with a participatory audience.
  • We match buyers with the right sellers and also form a unique, personal and relevant way for them to interact.
  • You will have the ability to reach new and diverse customers.


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Increased Visibility and Maximum Exposure (Social Events) 

  • We offer unique opportunities for our audience to interact with your brand which will help raise visibility and increase maximum exposure.
  • We create uniquely tailored events that will give vitality to your brand and help you reach more potential customers. (ie. ATA Ball, ATA Fashion Week, Marketplace, Pop-Up Shop)


“Jidenna Takes ‘Classic Man’ To A New Level In West African-Inspired Photoshoot”-huffingtonpost.com  (All Things Ankara Ball)

Strengthened Art Form From Collaborative Editorial Productions (Campaigns)

  • We create memorable signature visual art from our collaborative fashion campaign productions with photo/video editorials that you will have exclusive access to, there by allowing you to strengthen your art form.



The Breakdown

Our marketplace is ideal for talented and fashionable ankara print designers worldwide who want to get more exposure, monetize their brand and boost their revenue.
Sellers are in charge of running, maintaining and updating their shop on the All Things Ankara Marketplace.
All Things Ankara Marketplace will use photos from your brand to advertise and promotion your designs on our websites, social media platforms, email list services, etc.


Our Commission on All Sales: 15%
Your Commission on All Sales: 85%
*Sellers are responsible for Paypal transaction fees


Apply Today!

Fill out the application at: allthingsankara.com/marketplace/apply
*All Things Ankara Marketplace will approve or deny your application within 24 hours or less.