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Prom: Alexis Frempong-Manso & Jordan

Alexis Frempong-Manso & Jordan went to prom in true Ghanaian style. Alexis is wearing a deep v fitted green kente print gown made by designer, She by Bena. Her date Jordan is wearing a black suit with a kente Bowtie & cummerbund. See more photos below.

Prom: Nana Nkrumah & Rico Lamptey

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I present to you Nana Nkrumah & Rico Lamptey’s Dashiki Print Outfit for Prom Nana is wearing a red dashiki fitted gown and a matching clutch! She finished off her look with gold accessories and a slicked back bun. Her date Rico went for an all back suit look and accessorized with a red […]

Campaign: GH @ 58: The Official & Exquisite Ghana Independence Day Ball 2015 (Behind The Scenes)

The campaign shoot for the 2015 Ghana independence ball was a success. We truly had a lot of fun on set. Here are the behind-the-scenes photos.

Gala: All Things Ankara’s Best Dressed Women at Africa Gives Back International Gala 2015

1. Jackie, Creative Director at Lofa Magazine in House of Lofa Magazine Official Media Partner for Africa Gives Back Int'l Gala 2015 @lofamagazine 2. Toyin Akindele in Euphraise Designs/African Allure Head Coordinator of Parallel Magazine @tee_tomato 3. Claude of Lavie by C.K. in Lavie by C.K. Fashion Show Designer at Africa Gives Back Int'l Gala [...]

Gowns: Joanna Arku

Now this is how you dress up to a ball!! I love Joanna Arku’s Gowns!! Joanna wore these beautiful and luxurious gowns to the Sierra Leone Independence Ball. The event is ran by The GWB Commission You can check out more info on the ball (HERE) The have the ball annually in the D.C. Area […]

Campaign: The Official & Exquisite Ghana Independence Day Ball 2015

GH @ 58: The Official & Exquisite Ghana Independence Day Ball 2015 Campaign The theme for the campaign was all black with hints of Ankara Print. I had great time being the wardrobe stylist for this shoot! The event will take place this Saturday, March 7th, 2015 at Howard Theatre 610 T Street Washington DC 20001   […]