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Music Video: Jidenna – Little Bit More (Preview Clip)

You needed tonight like a weekend ago. The new visuals for Jidenna’s summer jam “Little Bit More” will be released tomorrow Tuesday, July 27th.

Award Show: Jidenna Performs “Chief Don’t Run” and “A Little Bit More” at the BET Awards 2016 Pre Show

The opening of Jidenna’s 2016 BET Awards Pre-Show performance was inspired by the airport/cab scene in the movie Coming to America. Jidenna as Prince Akeem Joffer and Nana Kwabena as Semmi payed homage to the movie’s  28th anniversary.

Award Show: Celebrities in Ankara Print Fashion on the BET Awards Red Carpet (2014-2016)

Ankara print attire are appearing more and more on the BET Awards red carpet. It’s always a joy to see celebrities rocking and embracing these amazing prints. See the celebs who rocked ankara prints on the BET Awards red carpet from 2014 to 2016.

Award Show: Jidenna and Rosalyn Gold-Onwude on the BET Awards 2016 Red Carpet

Hope everyone is enjoying the 2016 BET Awards.   Early today, Jidenna performed  two new singles, “Little Bit More” and “The Chief Don’t Run” ,  at the BET Awards 2016 Pre-Show.

Festival: Jidenna Performs at 2016 MTV Woodies/10 for 16 at SXSW

Nobody dressed sharper at SXSW than the one and only “Classic Man”. See photos and a video from Jidenna’s, “Extraordinaire” performance at the 2016 MTV Woodies/10 for 16 at SXSW.

Best of 2015: Trending Ankara Print Gowns

  From the Grammys to social media, Ankara Print fashion took the world by storm in 2015. It is also permeating western fashion at a deeper level than ever. Trending Ankara Print gowns have helped to put Ankara Print fashion on a steady incline into the mainstream fashion world. Check out our trending Ankara Print Gowns […]