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“Come Dry.Leave Wet.” – Fear & Fancy

        “Official Nigerian Independence Ball”     

All Things Ankara Ball

All Things Ankara Ball is a formal social event in which the guest attend in luxurious, classy, elegant & couture ankara print attire. It is also the official Nigerian independence ball. The event includes: electrifying music, exciting entertainment, and an award ceremony to honor a Nigerian renaissance man and woman excelling in the Nigerian and African community at large.

“Come Dry, Leave Wet” – Fear & Fancy

Slogan: “Come Dry, Leave Wet”

“Come Dry, Leave Wet” derives from:  A social club co-founded by Jidenna called, Fear & Fancy. Fear & Fancy is an international collective of entrepreneurs, activists, educators, scientists, and artists who host soirees, dinner parties, and demonstrations. Fear and Fancy hosted masquerade balls in Oakland, California around (2006-2009). Fear & Fancy and The Wondaland Arts Society (Janelle Monáe) officially met at one of the Masquerade Balls and formed a collaborative partnership instantly.

“Come Dry, Leave Wet” means: Going to a party dressed to the nines “to perfection in the most fashionable attire” (Come Dry) but having a good time, dancing and sweating out your clothing (Leave Wet). Jidenna explains the meaning of this phrase in his interview with Janelle Monáe at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1
(Watch from: 15:57-17:12)
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We want All Things Ankara Ball attendees to let loose and have fun; whilst exhibiting luxurious Ankara Print Inspired gowns & suits.

All Things Ankara Ball 2015

All Things Ankara Ball 2015 is the first ever official inaugural All Things Ankara Ball and it will celebrate Nigeria’s 55th Independence. All Things Ankara Ball 2015 will take place, Saturday, October 17th, 2015 from 9p-2a at Martin’s Camelot Embassy Ballroom in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

All Things Ankara Ball 2015 Theme is: Nigerian Renaissance.  Nigerian Renaissance is the beautiful marriage of French Renaissance and Nigerian-African Aesthetics.

All Things Ankara Ball 2015 Ambassadors are : Jessica Chibueze & Jidenna. Jessica and Jidenna will be honored as Nigerian Renaissance Ambassadors at All Things Ankara Ball 2015 .

All Things Ankara

All Things Ankara is the #1 source for Ankara Print Fashion.

Nikki Billie Jean is the founder, editor-in-chief, wardrobe stylist and event producer of All Things Ankara.

All Things Ankara is also an international movement of ankara print inspired creatives & enthusiasts who create visual art and collaborate on fashion productions such as photo and video editorials, campaigns & events.

All in the name of ankara print fashion.

More information & details:  All Things Ankara 2015 Press Release